Case Study - High Street, Kimpton




  Property Type

Modern Detached.

  Extension Type

A single storey side extension with internal alterations and loft conversion.

 Client's Requirements

To relocate and enlarge the kitchen, making it open plan with the dining area and family room beyond on the ground floor, with new master bedroom and en-suite in the loft conversion.

  Services Provided

Photo Impression
Planning Application
Building Regulation Application
Site supervision


The ground floor extension featured a row of rooflights to provide a light and airy feel to the new kitchen, whilst maximising space for wall units.

A photo impression was done for the client so they could get an idea of how the loft extension would look from the High Street as it involved raising the roof line by about 900mm. (> See picture lower right)

As well as providing space in the loft it gave the house more presence on the High Street by steepening the roof pitch and raising the ridge line to match the surrounding properties.

A new open porch around the front door completed the transformation.