Extensions - Builders

The following builders have all completed extensions for Be Informed! and may be included in any tenders for new extensions.

If you require any building work, feel free to contact any of them.

Heritage Construction      Tel 01462 450002

Harper & Henman      Tel 01462 450293

Wedgewood Builders      Tel 01462 814762

Highview      Tel 01462 730163

J A W Construction       Tel 01582 699997

If you already have a builder, we will be pleased to work with them or include them on the tender list.

Be Informed! does not currently get involved in any contractural arrangements with the builder, or handle any payments of money other than their own direct design fees.

The contract, where it exists, is always between the builder and the client and the client pays the builder directly.

Where a builder does not have a contract or form of agreement, the tender letter from the builder usually serves as the contract.